Short course: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning about policy influence
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Short course: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning about policy influence

The literature on how to monitor, evaluate and learn (MEL) about policy influence is abundant. However, instructions on specific practices, particularly in developing countries, are quite scarce. This short course helps participants to sift through the key frameworks and look at benefits and challenges, in a way that is practical for their own organisation, big or small.

This is also an opportunity to think, rethink or formalise current MEL practices. Organisations should avoid seeing these as a luxury; it is not a practice that only those with large budgets or with the specific support of a donor can afford. Each organisation can trace its own unique path. MEL is an intelligent and promising investment, which will no doubt bear fruit sooner rather than later.


The course aims to help think tanks assess and enhance their current capacity to monitor, evaluate and learn how their research informs public policies, through sharing reflections and cutting-edge conceptual knowledge as well as specific MEL methodologies and tools.

The course helps those looking to:

  • Better reflect and enhance the impact of research in public policy.
  • Satisfy their (and their donors’) interests in enhancing the uptake of research in policy.
  • Build their reputation and visibility and attract more and better support to their work.
  • Organise what they are already doing so that it can be useful for MEL purposes – and let go of processes that may not be useful.


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September 8, 2016 - September 15, 2016


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