Fellowship Overview

Welcome to the OTT Fellowship 2022! 

The Fellowship programme encourages and facilitates a combination of independent learning and critical reflection, task-oriented learning, learning from experts and peer learning. In this section, you will find key information on what to expect during the programme and a starter pack to help you prepare for the next five months.

What to expect

The Fellowship is a five-month programme for thinktankers with a drive to effect change in the think tank sector. It will give you the opportunity to focus on a personal project that will make a difference in your organisation or in the broader policymaking world. During this time, you will benefit from the insights, advice and feedback of a diverse group of peers and experienced think tank leaders. You will also gain access to informative resource materials that are tailored to enhance your learning experience. It is expected that fellows seize this opportunity and commit to joining the sessions, engage and share ideas with peers, and oversee the completion of their chosen project. At the end of the fellowship, you will become a member of the OTT School Alumni network and our wider OTT community.

To get started, watch this video from our OTT Fellowship trainer Simon Maxwell.

What you will need

Our starter pack is designed to help you get started for the Fellowship. Check out the project planning document which will help you to structure your project and activities during the Fellowship. It should be seen as a living document that will be revisited and consulted as you progress with your project. Refer to the meeting schedule to block out important dates and the platform guidelines on the communication channels we will use. We also hope to develop a space for collaborative journalling where we will share our reflections and ideas.


If you would like to find out more about the OTT School's learning opportunities, please email us: school@onthinktanks.org