Giles Beswick
Head of Purpose at Vita Group

Giles has recently been given the role of heading up the Purpose mission in the business he helped to lead and grow over the last twenty years. This vital role is required to secure the future resilience, sustainability and prosperity of the benefits the business brings to all of its stakeholders in a wider context. This work will be driven forward through advocacy of research-driven insights, which ensures our work remains ‘purpose-driven’ and positions the business as a thought leader in its field.

Alongside his professional work, in 2019 he set up a corporate foundation to make mixed-motive investments in projects which deliver social benefit and pursue more virtuous stakeholder governance models. Subsequently he started a project of his own which represents the epitome of the type of venture he wants to support and promote through the foundation.

What both his professional role and his personal projects therefore have in common is the need for highly effective storytelling, articulating some of the causes that lie behind small and large-scale problems which governments and corporations are struggling to resolve, and proposing highly studied and compellingly articulated solutions to help bring about positive change.


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