Jane Wanjiku Mariara
Executive Director, Partnership for Economic Policy

Jane is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) and is responsible for institutional development, fundraising and long-term sustainability, and delivery of all of PEP’s commitments. Since taking on the role of ED in 2016, Jane has been instrumental in strengthening and diversifying both PEP’s engagement with donors and partner organisations worldwide, as well as PEP’s service offering.

Jane has over 30 years’ experience in teaching, research, management, and resource mobilization. In addition to her wealth of executive, academic and research experience, Jane has also held numerous advisory roles, which have in turn made her a well-known figure in local, regional and international academic circles, as well as in government. She is currently the President of the African Society of Ecological Economists (ASEE), a member of the Central Bank of Kenya’s Monetary Policy Committee, the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) Advisory Board, and the Club of Rome’s Earth4All 21st Century Transformational Economics Commission.


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