Laure Tall
Research Director, IPAR

Laure Tall, an agroecologist, has served as the Research Director of IPAR, a leading West African think tank based in Senegal, since 2020. Before this, she worked at the Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA), served as the director of the National Research Laboratory on Plant Production (LNRPV) and also worked as the co-director of the International Joint Laboratory on Ecological Intensification on Cultivated Soils in West Africa (LMI IESOL). Laure earned her PhD at the University of Montreal in 2012, where she specialised in ‘Microbial Transformations of Nitrogen in Large Rivers’.

Her research centres on assessing climate change and the adaptation potential of cropping systems in West Africa. As a member of the executive committee of AgMIP, Laure is actively engaged in advancing agricultural research. Passionate about gender dimensions in agricultural development, she strives for inclusive progress and aims to contribute to evidence-based decision-making for Africa’s development.


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