Manuel Lara Aguado
Executive Director, Wilberforce Society

Manuel Lara Aguado holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, Law, and Environment at the University of Cambridge. His academic journey reflects his diverse interests in transcultural dialogues and their intersections with public policy.

In his role as the Executive Director of The Wilberforce Society, the UK’s oldest and largest student-led think-tank, Manuel actively contributes to shaping student-led policy initiatives. Additionally, he serves as the President of the Cambridge Spanish Society, fostering cultural exchanges within the university community.

Beyond his academic and leadership roles, Manuel holds the position of Sustainability Lead at Voiz Academy, an ed-tech startup with a mission to democratize climate education. His commitment to global issues is evident in his delivery of a TEDx talk, where he raised awareness about the poverty-climate dilemma.

Manuel’s interests extend to EU environmental policy and its connections to geopolitical affairs. Hailing from Spain and Peru, he brings a rich multicultural perspective to his academic pursuits and leadership roles.


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