Navneet Gidda
Communications Lead, Oxford Internet Institute

Navneet is a strategic communications expert with a multidisciplinary background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Philosophy from the University of Alberta and a Master’s in Strategic Communications from King’s College London’s Department of War Studies.

Her work and personal ethos are deeply influenced by various social sciences, with a focus on art history, literature, and philosophy. Navneet is particularly intrigued by how digital and print communications are reshaping human nature and impacting decision-making in policy spaces. Her research delves into how fictional narratives, including those found in contemporary novels, fables, and science fiction, can inform social policy and assist governments in addressing existential issues through creative approaches, ultimately contributing to a more just future for all.

In addition to her role as a strategic communications expert, Navneet is a freelance literary critic and a visual artist, specialising in collage, oils, and photography. She pursues ongoing education with courses at the London Fine Arts Studios. Navneet’s professional experience includes working for political leaders, educational institutions, think tanks, and charities in Canada, America, and Britain.


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