Valeria Mesia
Business Development and Fundraising Coordinator at Culture Solutions Europe

With a background in literature (UNMSM), entrepreneurship (UP) and management of sustainable development projects (PUCP), Valeria has collaborated from a very young age in the development of platforms in favour of cultural policies in Peru as well as in the development of strategic alliances in the private sector in favour of culture and education for development. She has been a government consultant (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education) in my country, carrying out research and technical support projects. After having diverse experience in international cooperation, Valeria travelled to France in 2016 and obtained an advanced Master in Management of Cultural Organisations (Paris Dauphine University PSL), currently collaborating with the development of a young independent European think tank dedicated to the advancement of the integration of culture as a strategic axis of international relations as well as integration policies and external action in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.


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