Wing Yan Sarina Wong
Communications Strategist, Rethink Priorities

Sarina is a skilled communications professional with a proven track record of effectively conveying meaningful ideas. Originally from Toronto, Sarina began her career in Canadian politics, initially working for Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and later for Canada’s Finance Minister. In her experience in Canadian politics, Sarina recognised the underutilisation of visual mediums for effective communication and problem-solving. Observing the distinct communication approaches between the private sector and the public and nonprofit sectors, Sarina transitioned to become a graphic designer and marketer at a luxury fashion company. Subsequently, she founded a mission-driven marketing and design consultancy.

After gaining design experience at two San Francisco-based startups, Sarina returned to the political realm, this time in the US. She contributed to a political action committee supporting the development of a nationwide civic engagement fellowship programme. Currently, Sarina serves as the Communications Strategist at Rethink Priorities, an international think tank focused on global priorities research. In this role, she oversees all external-facing communications and leads the planning and execution of the think tank’s comprehensive communications strategy.


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