Crosscutting sessions and workshops

Through the School, we will have several sessions in which we will discuss crosscutting issues through live sessions or workshops.

Transparency and Credibility Workshop

Trainer: Andrea Baertl

Date/Time: 26 Jan 12:30 GMT

Summary: This session will be a practical workshop on transparency and credibility for think tanks.
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Founding a think tank. Q&A session with founders

Trainers: Orazio Belletini, Nicolás Ducote and Simonida Kacarska                                                                                 

Date/Time: 28 Jan 13:00 GMT

Summary: This session is a Q&A with three think tank founders on the challenges to setting up an institution.
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Workshop on brand strategy and identity for think tanks

Trainers: Naomi Isaacs, John Schwartz, Clair Syrett and Erika Pérez-Leon

Date/Time: o2 Feb 12:30 GMT

Summary: A brand strategy sets out the framework to deliver a powerful, clear and consistent message to the world. It provides purpose and direction – it guides how you act, the way you communicate and the decisions you make. It’s a vital tool in positioning your think tank for maximum impact. Your visual identity and the tone in which you communicate should build on the brand strategy and send a clear signal about who you are and what you stand for.

Soapbox has worked on brand strategies and identities for some of the world’s leading think tanks. In this workshop, they will teach you how to apply some of the lessons they have learned to your own organisation.

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Small talks sessions

Date/Time: 04 Feb 13:40 GMT

Summary: The small talks session will be held on Feb 4 from 13:40 to 15:00 GMT


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