Module 3. Communications

Without good communications, an organisation’s work will achieve nothing. In this module, participants will review the components that make up a solid communications operations, review the elements of a communication strategy, and undertake a branding workshop

Session 1

Name: Communication Strategies

Trainer: Tom Hashemi and Katy Murray

Date/Time: 31 Jan 12:30 GMT

Summary: This session will explore how to build a communications strategy and how to take a campaign approach to communications on think tanks focusing on communicating with power to impact.

PDF Notes

Session 2

Name: Policy outreach: strategies and challenges.

Trainer: Erin Collinson

Date/Time: 3 Feb 12:30 GMT

Summary: This session will explore think tank policy engagement strategies, drawing on experiences and examples from the Center for Global Development. Key topics of discussion will include creating accessible materials for policymaking audiences, tracking policy developments and identifying opportunities to inform the debate, strategies for building allies, establishing researchers as go-to experts, and encouraging patience and persistence in the policy process.

PDF Notes

How-to video: how to write a policy brief

How-to video: Tips for building think tank audiences and improving engagement


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