Module 5. Fundraising and Financial Management

This module offers a comprehensive introduction to funding models, which allow think tanks to create a reliable revenue base that supports its core programmes and services. In it participants will also reflect on financial management issues, and review different mechanisms and sources

Session 1

Name: Finance for non-financial managers

Trainer: Sonja Stojanović Gajić

Date/Time: 02 Feb 13:30 GMT

Recording of live session. Finance for Non-financial managers

Session 2

Name: Sustainability and business development

Trainer: Anthony Boateng

Date/Time: 03 Feb 12:00 GMT

Recording of live session. Sustainability and business development


Session 3

Name: Exploring funding and engagement models: strategy and management

Trainer: Scarlett Varga and Milena Gaitán

Date/Time: 04 Feb 12:00 GMT

Recording of Live session. Exploring funding and engagement models


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