Module 6. Monitoring, evaluation, and learning of policy influence

In this module, participants will reflect on how organisations undertake monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL),  how to enhance current practices, and share reflections and cutting edge conceptual knowledge as well as specific MEL methodologies and tools.

Session 1

Name: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Improved Management of Think Tanks

Trainer: Dena Lomofsky and Stephen Yeo

Date/Time: 09 Feb 12:30 GMT

Summary: The first day’s session introduces the basic concepts and terminology of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL). It goes on to discuss “MEL for management” – those aspects of MEL that think tanks have in common with other organizations. Group work on the first day involves constructing a MEL matrix. “Overnight” reading involves a short case study of influencing.

Session 2

Name: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Policy Influence

Trainer: Dena Lomofsky and Stephen Yeo

Date/Time: 10 Feb 12:30 GMT

Summary: The second day’s session focuses on “MEL for influencing” – the aspects of MEL that are unique to influencing organizations such as think tanks. Group work on the second day involves designing indicators of policy influence and planning how to collect information on them.

How-to video: the challenges of measuring policy impact


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