Course presentations

All presentations delivered by our trainers will be uploaded in this section. Participants can also view the presentations delivered by their peers during the school.

Session: What is a think tank? History, roles and models by Enrique Mendizabal

23 January 2023

Enrique Mendizabal discusses the definitions of think tanks, the historical contexts that gave rise to think tanks, and different think tank functions and models.

Session: Finance for non-financial managers by Sonja Stojanovic Gajic

30 January 2023

Sonja Stojanovic Gajic discusses how non-financial managers can approach financing.

Session: Leading a think tank – challenges and key functions by Lizza Bomassi

30 January 2023

Lizza Bomassi explores the governance and management of think tanks.

Session: Strategic governance by Enrique Mendizabal

31 January 2023

Enrique Mendizabal discusses the governance of think tanks, focusing on the composition and operations of boards.

Session: Exploring funding and engagement models by Scarlett Varga

31 January 2023

Scarlett Varga delves into the topic of funding and explores different models used by think tanks.

Session: Event planning and management by Katja Knežević

1 February 2023

Katja Knežević draws from her experience at Bruegel to share tips for event planning and management.

Session: Communication strategies by David Watson

1 February 2023

David Watson discusses communication strategies for think tanks, drawing from his experience at Chatham House.

Session: Branding workshop by Soapbox

1 February 2023

The Soapbox team guide us through an interactive workshop to support our thinking on think tank branding strategies and audience engagement.

Session: Knowledge brokering competencies for researchers by Lene Topp

2 February 2023

Lene Topp introduces us to the European Commission’s competence frameworks for policymakers and researchers.

Session: Introduction to the European Parliament by Esen Alieva

2 February 2023

Esen Alieva provides an introduction to the structure and functions of the European Parliament.

Participant presentations

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